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Record Retrieval

640 Johnson Avenue



Capital Service Bureau, Inc.ís record retrieval department provides exceptional customer service to meet the needs of legal and insurance professionals. We provide the fastest turn-around time possible for retrieving all types of records, whether they are medical, employment, or educational. We pride ourselves on exceptional tracking and follow up.

CSB will request and obtain medical records and/or radiographic films from hospitals, doctorsí offices, clinics and other agencies as you may require.

CSB Offers:

Experienced record retrieval specialists to review requests received via mail, telephone, fax, email or on-line from our secure website. Authorizations are processed the same day they are received.
Each request is carefully monitored and prompting phone calls are made at a minimum of once per week. You can track your request through our website using a secure connection assuring confidentiality. Clients may also call a customer service representative during regular business hours to discuss the status of their requests.

We offer many types of delivery options to ensure that you receive your records in a timely fashion. They may be hand-delivered by one of our sales representatives to your office, placed in the mail, copied to a CD, or e-mailed directly to you.

1 Corporate Drive

Suite 104

Bohemia, NY 11716









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